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Exquil collaborates with Maham Aziz

If Exquil only needed one word to describe Maham Aziz that word would be “Awesome”. Maham Aziz, an Islamabad, Pakistan based artist has quite simply been Exquil’s creative boon for The Nephilem and catalyst for turning The Eternal Game from some scrappy author notes about back story to a full blown physical art project that will set the framework for an entire series of books. An architect by trade, Exquil found Maham when she was ready to take creative expertise to another level and needed a project to push her. It was the beginning of the production phase of the novel and Exquil was bursting with creative ideas to express the visual plan for the book. Maham arrived at just the right time for him as their creative minds melded together for illustrations beyond the initial commission, the chapter illustration Psalm of Lament: Yasmina. Maham has gone on to complete commissions for the cards of The Eternal Game, the book cover for The Nephilem, and other chapters in the novel including the pivotal The Riding In… set of chapters which challenges her replace her Arabic influence-style with William Morris influences. She attacked that brief with relish! Her versatility cannot be understated and yet Maham is the humblest and dignified of talented people that Exquil has had the pleasure of working with.

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