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The Stunning Fantasy Debut Novel By Exquil

When the down-on-his-luck mid 20’s Hyienna gets involved in complex relationships and a mysterious rucksack, he feels like he can grab redemption, but why can’t he be the hero too?

A sun-soaked setting with a difference, The Nephilem is debut novelist Exquil’ s unforgettable slight-of-hand turn, on life in Formentera for a set of escapists from mainland Spain, looking for survival in the unrelenting dry winds and lively sea of the mysterious Balearics.

A down-on-his luck Hyienna is gifted a mysterious rucksack on arrival, soon he gets involved in his cousin’s complex relationships that seem to offer him a chance at redemption until it becomes terrifyingly clear that escaping your past and being the hero all at once is not possible as a sacred mystery conspires to take grip.

The Nephilem is romantic, bittersweet, esoteric and has hints of a larger more eternal conspiracy, that is determined to reset the established imagery of its Balearic setting. A jaunt to the Mediterranean will never be the same again.

1 Year Book-aversary Special Offer

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the release of The Nephilem

For 1 week only, from June 29th-July 6th 2023 the Ebook version of the book will be available for only 0.99p



‘A compelling fantasy/mystery packed full of skilfully developed characters. Highly recommended!’

The Wishing Shelf


I very much enjoyed this thought-provoking novel from the pen of S E Wilson. Well-written and cleverly plotted, it ́s the story of a man escaping his dark past. Entering the idyllic holiday island of Formentera, he ́s gifted a rucksack. Yes, a rucksack. Sounds mundane? Well, it ́s not. It ́s a fine novel – a debut novel, in fact – helped along by a descriptive writing style and, oddly for an adult novel, excellent artwork.

So, what needs work? To be honest, not a lot. Possibly it ́s a bit slow to get going, the writing style just a little too descriptive, too flowery, when I just wanted the story to get going. Also, I felt underwhelmed by the ending. It just lacked POW! But other than that, this is a compelling mystery/fantasy that ́s not only cleverly plotted, but also filled with an array dark, rather tragic characters the author ́s determined for the reader to get to know.

All in all, I ́m very happy to recommend this novel to readers who enjoy character-led novels with plenty of

mystery to keep them enthralled. It can get a little odd in parts, but it ́s still a tantalisingly good read.

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review


Thanks @mbooktours and @exquilofficial for sending me this outstanding book. The book starts with a very confusing and hard to understand storyline, but after processing – reading almost 1st half I started to understand what the whole story was about. The book is an absolute masterpiece. A fantastic urban fantasy with such awesome scenes that you won’t be able to stop yourself once you start understanding the story. It’s a beautifully written yet ugly and dark read. The ending might not be satisfying or everybody might not like it, but don’t all masterpieces end like that? I love everything about this book and I definitely suggest this book :)  5/5 🌟

Review on Instagram by: Caroline.reads00002

The Nephilem is not only beautifully written, but it’s visually stunning too. There are beautiful illustrations at the start of each chapter and the typesetting is lovely.

The writing style drew me in from the first page and the author brings the hustle and bustle, culture, food and architecture of the Mediterranean to life in such glorious technicolour that I felt I was journeying alongside Hyienna. The world building and plot unravelled at a good pace as the story progressed, so it kept my attention and never felt over complicated. The premise is unique and it contained everything I look for in a book – romance, intrigue, twists and turns and conspiracy a plenty!

The characters are very well developed and relatable with well-crafted backgrounds and convincing dialogue. They’re linked by trauma in their past, and one of the themes throughout the story is how this trauma shaped each of the characters differently and how it affects their actions. The writing is raw, convincing, and moving and I really felt for the characters.

Nephilem is a vibrant, moving and intriguing urban fantasy full of bittersweet romance, conspiracy and magic and I loved it!


Review on Goodreads by: Read, Read, No Sleep, Repeat

My first thought on this book was how intriguing, the cover is stunning and I loved the beautiful sketches of animals and patterns at the start of each chapter. That intrigue was kept up throughout with a cast of deeply thought out characters, each with their own unique, but tragic backstory. I loved Exquil’s use of descriptive language to transport me to Formentera. I also loved how he made me think, this was certainly a very deep book. Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend to those who like something a bit different.


Review on Goodreads by: calmstitchread

Firstly I have to say how absolutely stunning the hardback edition of this book is, with the beautiful illustrations. They really help bring the story to life.
It did take me a few chapters to get into the story but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen.

I liked the characters I found them intriguing and enjoyed learning more about them. This was a great debut. If you fancy reading something different I recommend giving this a try.


Review on Goodreads by: Vicki (chaptersofvicki)

The Nephilem was a blend of mystery, fantasy elements and romance. I liked it from the very beginning because the way the author described everything was impeccable. I really loved the setting and atmosphere in this book. Simply put, the writing style could suck you in and the story wasn’t any less intriguing either. Hyienna and Moirae’s conversations had me laughing because they were so much fun.


Review on Goodreads by: Jia


Exquil has been writing in some form or another since his middle school years. What started out as love for writing poetry in a secret poetry book, then turned into passion for song writing with his cousin and his best friend.

The satisfaction he gets from building a world that a character and persona can brood away in, offering heart breaking truths of one’s human condition, with a poignant touch of mysticism is his lifelong passion.


The Eternal Game

The Eternal Game will be a series of 13 books that tells the record of events recorded on The Akashik. The Eternal Game will cover a personal story in each book the delves into the real human cost for getting involved. Each book will take their inspiration from a set of story types Exquil feels that captures the spirit of both the long tale of the game and the personal costs to those involved.

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