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Exquil collaborates with Sylwia Art

Sylvia is a visual artist who draws, creates digital art and paints realistic oil paintings on paper, cardboard and canvas. She has been painting for 2 years, painting custom realistic/posterized oil portraits on canvas. Exquil collaborated with this Burnley, Lancashire based artist when he was attracted to her stunning work with oils portraits of black men. Immediately he knew she was the artist that could set the tone for the illustrations in The Nephilem. He commissioned her for 2 paintings including the painting for the opening chapter Sun Is Shining and the atmospheric Seth. Exquil’s inspiration for this painting came from art deco period paintings of the sun as it represents God’s Grace. It had been a design sitting in the mind of Exquil for over an decade and he was thrilled with the results as Sylwia got the ball rolling to begin the production phase of the book.

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