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Exquil collaborates with Sheryl Chieng

Apart working as a full-time concept artist, Sheryl also works as a part-time fashion designer and illustrator. Sheryl is an Umm Salal Muhammad, Qatar-based artist with an extensive portfolio in digital artwork. Exquil was extremely eager to get Sheryl onboard for the project after falling for her wonderful digital watercolour portraits. Exquil had just commissioned another artist to complete The Mending of Catherine, the illustration for the final chapter of the upcoming book, The Nephilem (yes, the illustrations are being completed in a different order to how the book is written!). However, upon seeing Sherly’s work he immediately wanted to change direction. This made up the author’s mind that all the illustrations in the project had to match the detail of Sheryl’s output. Exquil commissioned Sheryl for 2 illustrations including the above Es ‘Palmador with its capture of childhood innocence with a day at the seaside. Exquil plans at least one more commission, inspired by Jimmy Law abstracts in 2021 before the book’s release.

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