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Pre-Kickstarter Campaign is warming up

In what will become a regular feature in Exquil’s independent publishing plans, Kickstarter the crowdfunding website will feature his first campaign The Eternal Game. It is a custom illustrated card, map and booklet set that is a companion guide for understanding the conspiracy the book series is set in.

Early adopters can expect to receive rewards such as exclusive Sacred Geometry temporary tattoo to pledge allegiance your faction and your place on the board in the game. You’ll also receive a PDF version of the hardcopy booklet. Exquil also has a special secret reward those who pledge at the highest reward tier. More news on tier rewards to come. Exquil will soon begin production of the campaign trailer so stay tuned on an announcement soon.

Look out for sprinkling hints of The Eternal Game in The Nephilem, the debut self-published novel by Exquil, which will also be future crowdfunding project as its publication date draws ever closer in the 2nd half of 2021.

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