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Why Listen To Me?

This is my answer to an independent author’s blog when you have not released a self-published book just yet.

This will document how I, a great procrastinator, finally decided to write that darn book and make my dreams come true. Every 30 days I endeavour to tip my hat to research I am undertaking in the creation of my novel, the fruition of The Eternal Game from conspiracy to Kickstarter Campaign, people who I am working with to make my dream come true, and revealing my deepest inner thoughts about how I got to my current point of progress. This is in aide of speaking directly to my target audience, sharing my experiences with you. And while I am not sure I will have many words of wisdom for would-be-authors out there, the journey of reading my blog might be worth it just to see how one man bumbles through life as one thing, whilst aspiring to be another and occasionally getting it right.

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