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What is The Eternal Game?

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“Hello everyone, I hope you are sitting comfortably. This is Exquil, I am the creator of The Eternal Game, and the author of The Nephilem. This is my first attempt at a podcast or audio recording that talks about what my thoughts and what my feelings are and how I picture, The Eternal Game. And The Nephilem, which is the first novel.

I talk about The Eternal Game now, as not as a kind’ve universe, but something like a…I call it the conspiracy. It’s, that’s what The Eternal Game is. And I’m going to be explaining why The Eternal Game is so important to the first book, The Nephilem, how it’s absolutely integral, and how using The Eternal Game will help me to set up future stories, and future novels. And, as well, art, short stories and all kinds of things, and all kinds of sideline projects that can be associated with Nephilem.

So, I’m going to get started by speaking directly into a phone, you have to excuse me, if there’s a little bit of pauses and colloquial language like this, I’m talking off the cuff, this isn’t scripted. Maybe in the future, I will write down some index notes and things like that. So, at the moment, I’m just talking off of my head, really, about all the things that are inside of my head about what the The Eternal Game is and is all about. There are some of these things aren’t in my head, I’ve written them down as author notes. And I have piles of notes or Word documents or PDF documents somewhere on my computer and on different devices and backup hard drives. But I’m not reading from any of those right now. I’m just telling you about things that are just at the top of my head.

Okay. So, first, what is The Eternal Game? What is it? And why is it important? The Eternal Game is a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy of how a group of people are many different factions of people are stealing children. And using that as a gain, to get what they think are Nephilem children. And there’s like a whole ecosystem. That’s another way in which you can think about what The Eternal Game is – a whole ecosystem behind everybody and they all need each other on The Eternal Game. Now, The Eternal Game has several different if you will, factions or parts to it. Um, it has Collectors, people who collect Nephilem people who, go around using their might, their class, their rank, their family connection, they’re very, it’s a very aristocratic world, the world of The Nephilem is, and so there’s people who, who want to collect them, because they’re very interested in Nephilem. And the fact that their bloodline goes back to God, for those of you who might not be aware of this I should probably explain myself a little. So Nephilem, it’s a thing that’s in the Apocrypha, as of lost chapters of the Bible, and it’s in the Hebrew texts and things like that. The Nephilem are what’s believed to be the offspring of fallen angels, and the daughters of man. Yeah, so it’s when there were some angels that fell with Lucifer, they fell from out of God’s grace, because they should have been protecting humans. And instead what they did, was they mated with humans and they had children. Now this was sort of like a biblical tale about where giants came from. Now in my world of The Nephilem, these Nephilem aren’t giants. It’s just about basically a blood war, having that bloodline that they believe is still knocking about in 21st century planet Earth. And so, there’s people who are collecting these because they collect curios that are they’re interested in, in theology they’re interested in and what they believe is what they are doing is furthering their interest.




So, you have the Collectors and then you have on the opposite side, you have things like Hunters. And Hunters are those who, who are hunting down The Nephilem. And they’re not so much trying to eliminate them but keep track of them. But because they believe that they are disgusting, they’re defiling God’s Grace, they shouldn’t be here, they would not have a problem if they had to wipe them out. But most importantly they want to know why Collectors are collecting these children. And there’s many more around than them what even they may be aware of. And it’s hard to keep track of who the bloodline is. And where, these suspected cases of Nephilem might turn up around planet Earth. And I haven’t even mentioned their interest in The Akashik! So, these are the Hunters. And then you have other factions as well. You have, you have people who are called the Protectors of The Nephilem. And the Protectors are people who, um, I guess, that there are people who, are aligned with the Nephilem themselves. They think they, they’re not necessarily believers. But because these Nephilem are just everyday people they just believe in the person, the human they are, and the qualities they possess. And if they start to feel like someone is after them, and someone’s trying to get them, then they’re protecting them, maybe there’s someone who’s in love. who’s in love with one of the people who says that, that their suspected or don’t even realise that they’re being accused of being something they never heard of. So, they don’t even know why they’re being chased down and why they’re living in unusual circumstances and why they’re surrounded by a set of people who are self-motivating, and immoral in a lot of ways. So, you there you are, the Protectors.

And then you have Traders, the Traders are the people who profit from, from the selling of kids. Yep. The Collectors go out and they, basically put out an order to say all ‘I’m looking to buy like a few kids.’ And the Traders are the ones who fulfil that order. Then they reply ‘Ive gone and nicked a few kids here. And I think I have a bona fide product.’ Sometimes they sell fakes, sometimes they believe they’re selling the genuine article, and sometimes they’re just selling children, just for other unsavoury needs, as well, to the Collectors and you know, every so often they might turn up an absolute gem, someone that they think is high value, a high value child. And that’s where sort of, then the Hunters come in. So, when I say that there’s an ecosystem it is that everybody in The Eternal Game, they all need each other.

Then of course, on the other side, we have the enemies of The Nephilem. And the enemies, once again, are kind of like Hunters, but these are out to just straight up destroy The Nephilem. Whereas, Hunters aren’t necessarily trying to destroy The Nephilem they just need to hunt down their location, so that they can keep the contagion, keep them contained, if you will. Whereas, enemies are what’s called in The Eternal Game, Owls and Crows. There’s two sets of enemies, they’re out to kill and to dread the Nephilem. Now then, a Hunter can become an Owl or a Crow, a Hunter could become a Protector too. a Hunter could become a Collector or a Hunter could become a Trader, a Hunters identity it’s almost like a spy, they infiltrate they can be on either side. They can be either piece on the board of The Eternal Game. But Owls and Crows, they’re the enemies, they show their shoulder stripes and that is the central crux of what’s happening in The Eternal Game is that God’s Grace is the thing that’s at stake. Yeah, there’s people who’s trying to restore God’s grace and to keep it going in the bloodline. And there’s the other side of the faction, the people who think ‘Oh my God, we got these Nephilem, defiling God’s Grace we tried to get rid of them.’ And, you know, and that’s it, we’re just doing it there’s a whole ecosystem that goes around The Eternal Game.


Just want to talk about, just very quickly, I didn’t mention this at the top of the recording, but I’m going to talk about my need for not having violent endings. One of the reasons why I wanted The Eternal Game was that I wanted a mechanism in my story in which people didn’t have a story that gets resolved through death or through someone dying. Um, so I tried to come up with an idea and out of this came the idea of The Eternal Game, and I, and I’ve fashioned it on like a game of chess. For anyone out there who knows the game of chess and knows how to play a game of chess. The whole point of a game of chess, is to try to put the other players king in checkmate, you’re not trying to knock all of the pieces off the board, knocking some pieces off the board can happen. And there might be some pawn casualties along the way. But that’s not the purpose. The purpose isn’t to take other people’s pieces off the board of chess, the purpose is to put the king in checkmate, so that you are nullifying their threat. That is, it. And that is what The Eternal Game is. The Eternal Game is not about trying to knock, different pieces off the board permanently. It’s about nullifying their threat, because everyone is in the ecosystem, and everyone profits from everyone else in the ecosystem. And if you for instance, if you kill the Hunters, who have this great skill and training of being where there are Nephilem then that means that Traders know where Nephilem are at because they may be able to recognise that there’s Hunters abound. The Collectors also have a keen interest in where the Hunters are because they know that Nephilem are bound. At the same token Traders don’t want Collectors knocked off the board because traders need someone to sell to and their prime clients are the Collectors. To have them knocked off, it’s bad for business, you know.

This isn’t to say that death does not happen in The Eternal Game. In fact, far from it, there will be plenty of deaths, both conspiring and vengeful throughout the tale. But like in the real world, I want death to have a cruel impact because it changes things in real life. Death changes relationships and in The Eternal Game death doesn’t solve a problem, it complicates it. I try to use mysticism in the same way. I will guess many people will want to classify my fiction as fantasy, but I see it more in the realm of mystical realism. My story and characters are set in the real world, in real settings and those unexplained or supernatural occurrences, such as The Akashik are something that people do not accept. In a fantasy world, such as say, Harry Potter, magic is accepted and is used as means to solve their way out of problems. In my works it complicates the world around you, it gives you another layer of uncertainty, it asks more questions about the world around characters rather than solves their problem as whole. In fact, I would go far as to say, that magik itself, in The Eternal Game, is vengeful and crossing it is at your peril.

And right, what about the enemies of the Nephilem you ask, the Owls and the Crows? Yes, yes, they’ll kill each other to get to the prize. The Owls and the Crows, but it does them no good to want to kill The Nephilem; it does them no good trying to kill off Hunters; to kill off Collectors, to get to the prize. Because once again, these pieces are indicators as to where the prize is that. Yeah, they give them clues. Now once of course, they have the clues and then then maybe once they’ve outlived their usefulness, then perhaps their piece can come off the board. So, I’m not saying that there’s never any casualties, just like in the game of chess. You know, there are casualties, pawns get knocked-off the board or maybe big higher like pieces like knights and bishops might go off the board. But the main aim is to nullify your threat whilst trying to get to your goal and feel the weight of the effect of those major pieces missing from the board as the balance of the game shifts. If you’re getting to your goal, then that means that you can execute your strategy in a way where you know where your enemies are going to strike, as soon as you take a piece off the board, then that’s when the predictability comes unpredictability in on a game of chess, because as soon as you take a piece off the board that causes your player to then react in a way that would regroup and to change their strategy.


In The Eternal Game you want to always be one place one place ahead. So you want to try to keep everybody in place, this makes the economy equal and balanced, it keeps z= x+y. You want to know what everyone is doing, instead of taking pieces off the board, because that causes chaos. Yeah, so so that’s why in a book like The Nephilem, and in future books, I won’t aim to have a society, where people are going around killing each other. And the story isn’t resolved by killing people off. Does that mean that there isn’t any violence? No. And doesn’t mean there aren’t deaths. Yes, there is violence. And yes, there is death in there. And when there is there are massive consequences that reach beyond the perpetrators.


Now, it’s all about how this sets up in my book and in future books.  In that, there’s this thing that is called narrative theory. And, like the theory of equilibrium, where you have, basically, it’s an idea that allows for a story to be basically split into five stages. And basically at stage one, there’s a state of equilibrium. So like, in the prologue of The Nephilem, we have the Moirae running the Traders, and they’re about to go to a big ball and they’re about to meet with some, high ranking officials, who are basically Collectors.

And, and they’re thinking that they will, you know, they can make some big sales and some big money here for the children that they’ve got lined up to sell to these guys. So, in the beginning, in this moment what we have here is this is the state of equilibrium, everything is in balance. Yeah, the Moirae are doing what they do best. We have the officials doing what they do best, which is by way, which is buy children from the Moirae. And then there’s this death and then what happens is that there’s a disruption, this event is a disruption, and as the reader we are made aware of a disruption in this case, is that whilst the Moirae are getting ready for their night out, their mobile phone goes. And it’s a mobile phone that they don’t ever want to hear ringing. Yeah. And, and the, the person on the other side of the mobile phone as a person called Kal, and Kal is a Collector. He’s a high ranking and very dangerous Collector, and he was somebody who the Moirae had sold to some time ago. Unfortunately, the children that they sold to him have run away, and the Moirae have a big reputation for not being so moral in their integrity, their integrity has always been sort of called into question. So Kal was inclined to ring them personally, which is a very big deal. That’s not the kind of thing never happens in their world, where the Collectors and the Traders communicate directly at a high level, and only in cases of huge emergency. And he communicates and he contacts them directly. And he basically wants to know, where’s my merchandise? And the girls, they’re going to have no clue where his merchandise is at. So that’s the disruption.

And then what happens basically, is that in the middle of the novel, The Nephilem, there’s a series of chapters that is called The Riding In: The Riding in of Autumn, the Riding in of Winter, the Riding in of  of Spring, and then the Riding in of Summer. Now, these four chapters here, basically are kind of like if you think about it as a, as a montage, where they’re splitting time. I split the chapters into what’s happened in the disruption event. This is the closet I get to peaking behind the curtain and showing The Eternal Game, of what is truly running the story of The Nephilem.

Yeah. And The Nephilem itself, the story itself, is about restoring the equilibrium. And that’s what the that’s what basically The Nephilem is about, it’s about that stage of the theory, where this is how we go about restoring the backbend, restoring for everything, being back to business. And that is the last, you know, the last of the stages where everything is now back to business. Everything is back to normal. Everything’s back to its normal state. I just take 24 chapters to tell you that story whereas, in any other story or movie you see this played out in a matter of minutes. I show you that there is a whole system that goes into setting the world back onto its axis and its not a pretty process. Yeah, and that is what you have to see is like, The Nephilem is like the peanut that is inside of the shell, and the shell is The Eternal Game. In the next book which I already have a good idea about what is happening, it will focus on another stage of the theory I suppose, okay.”

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