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The Nephilem – ebook (mobi version)

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When the down-on-his-luck mid 20’s Hyienna gets involved in complex relationships and a mysterious rucksack, he feels like he can grab redemption, but why can’t he be the hero too?

Mistrusting even his close cousin Sarah upon returning to her, navel-gazing Hyienna feels the weight of his new task upon his shoulders. On his way to Sarah’s and her new brutish boyfriend Solomon luxurious home in Formentera, Hyienna meets and mysterious old woman underneath a lighthouse who gifts him an otherworldly object and sends him on a hero’s journey. But while Hyienna figures out who he can trust, he meets an unlikely answer on a dark evening at his shore; Nathaniel, the loner of a man on the lips of everyone it seems, at every party and gossiping corner.

Knowing how narrow viewed and mistrusting Hyienna is feeling, Nathaniel thinks he can help him see the bigger picture. But his help, it seems comes with one condition – he must help Nathaniel aide his secret relationship with Sarah. And because Hyienna isn’t so fond of his cousin’s new boyfriend – and he feels like he ruined her life years ago in Barcelona, he agrees to it, to find redemption.

Hyienna becomes suspicious, of his own goodwill gesture, because it came at the behest of Sarah’s best friend and his new lover, the charisma-overdosed Kate.  As his time on Formentera goes on, he experiences this new world with new eyes- and realises he can live his life without being over reliant on Sarah. Convinced of Nathaniel’s half-truths, Kate’s motives and Sarah’s infidelity, Hyienna finally understands the terrifying purpose of the journey that old woman set him on with her last breath. But will Hyienna feel like a hero for the trade off?

The Nephilem is a deepening insightful novel into the mind’s sense of justice by author Exquil. If you like bittersweet contemporary romance and strong hints of larger otherworldly conspiracy, then you’ll love this touching story of what it means to give up the ones you love, to stop themselves from sinking further.


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