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The Nephilem is not only beautifully written, but it’s visually stunning too. There are beautiful illustrations at the start of each chapter and the typesetting is lovely.

The writing style drew me in from the first page and the author brings the hustle and bustle, culture, food and architecture of the Mediterranean to life in such glorious technicolour that I felt I was journeying alongside Hyienna. The world building and plot unravelled at a good pace as the story progressed, so it kept my attention and never felt over complicated. The premise is unique and it contained everything I look for in a book – romance, intrigue, twists and turns and conspiracy a plenty!

The characters are very well developed and relatable with well-crafted backgrounds and convincing dialogue. They’re linked by trauma in their past, and one of the themes throughout the story is how this trauma shaped each of the characters differently and how it affects their actions. The writing is raw, convincing, and moving and I really felt for the characters.

Nephilem is a vibrant, moving and intriguing urban fantasy full of bittersweet romance, conspiracy and magic and I loved it!


Review on Goodreads by: Read, Read, No Sleep, Repeat

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